A Blissful Sanctuary

floor plans

Nightingale’s residences do not shy away from luxury. All homes are masterfully designed with resort-inspired features and finishes – creating a sophisticated, aspirational, yet welcoming place to call home. For more details, visit our Amenities & Features page. To find your next home, please browse our layouts below.

Studio Loft
Floor PlanModelBedroomsBathroomsRentSq FtAvailability
Studio Loft 1Studio Loft 101$1930598Check Availability
Studio Loft 2Studio Loft 201$2020611Check Availability
Studio Loft 3Studio Loft 301$2097648Check Availability
Studio Loft 4Studio Loft 401$2155 - $2190653-656Check Availability
Studio Loft 5Studio Loft 501$2020694Check Availability
Studio Loft 6Studio Loft 601$2177751Check Availability
Studio Loft 7Studio Loft 701$2247783Check Availability
Studio Loft 8Studio Loft 802$2380830Check Availability
Studio Loft 9Studio Loft 902$2463876-878Check Availability
Studio Loft 10Studio Loft 1001$2481887Check Availability
Studio Loft 11Studio Loft 1101$2553 - $2563896-901Check Availability
Studio Loft 12Studio Loft 1201$2515 - $2750902-905Check Availability
Studio + Den Loft 14Studio + Den Loft 1402$2852956Check Availability
Floor PlanModelBedroomsBathroomsRentSq FtAvailability
Open One Bed 1Open One Bed 111$1651 - $1751458-498Check Availability
Open One Bed 2Open One Bed 211$1642 - $1687475-487Check Availability
Open One Bed 3Open One Bed 311$1647 - $1667475Check Availability
Open One Bed 4Open One Bed 411$1642494Check Availability
Open One Bed 5Open One Bed 511$1733504Check Availability
Open One Bed 6Open One Bed 611$1720 - $1740507Check Availability
Open One Bed 7Open One Bed 711$1760509Check Availability
Open One Bed 8Open One Bed 811$1737 - $1792512-516Check Availability
Open One Bed 9Open One Bed 911$1773 - $1793547Check Availability
Open One Bed 10Open One Bed 1011$1854 - $1874602Check Availability
One Bed 13One Bed 1311Call for Details678Check Availability
One Bed 14One Bed 1411$1953 - $1988689Check Availability
One Bed 15One Bed 1511$2035696Check Availability
One Bed 16One Bed 1611$2035702-706Check Availability
One Bed 17One Bed 1711$1990702Check Availability
One Bed 19One Bed 1911$1967 - $2017702-706Check Availability
One Bed 20One Bed 2011$2235703Check Availability
One Bed 21One Bed 2111$2003 - $2038704-707Check Availability
One Bed 22One Bed 2211$1989 - $2244706-708Check Availability
One Bed 23One Bed 2311$2088 - $2298752Check Availability
One Bed + Den 24One Bed + Den 2411$2232840Check Availability
One Bed + Den 25One Bed + Den 2511$2327890Check Availability
One Bed + Den 26One Bed + Den 2611$2312 - $2522895Check Availability
One Bed + Den 28One Bed + Den 2812$28301064Check Availability
One Bed + Den Penthouse 29One Bed + Den Penthouse 2911$35531176Check Availability
One Bed 18One Bed 1811$1980702Check Availability
One Bed 12One Bed 1211$1890 - $1910651Check Availability
One Bed 11One Bed 1111$1845 - $1865634Check Availability
Floor PlanModelBedroomsBathroomsRentSq FtAvailability
Two Bed One Bath 1Two Bed One Bath 121$2345830Check Availability
Two Bed One Bath 2Two Bed One Bath 221$2350 - $2365830Check Availability
Two Bed Two Bath 3Two Bed Two Bath 322$3050927Check Availability
Two Bed Two Bath 4Two Bed Two Bath 422$2783936Check Availability
Two Bed Two Bath 5Two Bed Two Bath 522$2812954Check Availability
Two Bed Two Bath 6Two Bed Two Bath 622$3002 - $32421009Check Availability
Two Bed Two Bath 7Two Bed Two Bath 722$3083 - $31081083-1090Check Availability
Two Bed Two Bath 8Two Bed Two Bath 822$3130 - $31451090Check Availability
Two Bed Penthouse 9Two Bed Penthouse 922Call for Details1178Check Availability
Two Bed Penthouse 10Two Bed Penthouse 1022$4005 - $40801251-1253Check Availability
Two Bed Penthouse 11Two Bed Penthouse 1122$4135 - $41601342-1343Check Availability

3-D Tours

Price and special offers valid for new residents only. Pricing and availability subject to change at any time. The floorplan illustration is solely for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Balconies may vary by floor plan, level, and location. Square footages are approximate and may vary. See leasing center for further details.